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In 2016, the sewing coffee was launched by Susanne Stasunik as part of the Kleinwallstadt Asylum Aid. Since then, women of different nationalities, denominations and classes have been meeting to sew, crochet and knit together for two hours a week.

Initially, the asylum seekers met with children and volunteer women from Kleinwallstadt in the fire station. It quickly became clear that we needed another accommodation, as material and sewing machines, which were donated to us in large numbers, could not be stored quickly. The Kleinwallstadt market made it possible for us to continue our meetings in the club rooms of the Wolkenpurzler kindergarten.

In March 2017, some women who accompanied the meeting from the beginning founded the sewing coffee in its current legal form as a non-profit association. Since then, the sewing coffee has appeared as the sewing coffee Kleinwallstadt eV.


Susanne Stasunik

1. Board of Directors

Clothing technician

Designer MG

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